PropDiol Blend (250 mL)
PropDiol Blend (250 mL)
PropDiol Blend (250 mL)

PropDiol Blend (250 mL)

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Introducing Our PropDiol Blend for RU58841

Our unique PropDiol solvent is designed to overcome several common limitations of other RU58841 solvent carriers prone to scalp irritation and reduced effectiveness.     

What Sets Our PropDiol Blend Apart:

  • Reduced Dermal Irritation: PropDiol Blend solution is specifically formulated to reduce dermal irritation. Our mixture contains less than 5% propylene glycol (PG) in combination with 1,3-propanediol and butylene glycol, two alternative glycols known for their skin-friendly properties.
  • Prolonged Scalp Exposure: ever wondered why some products fall short? It's often because the carrier evaporates too quickly, leaving the active ingredient behind to crystallise. Result? Reduced scalp exposure. PropDiol Blend solution is specially crafted to keep RU58841 in solution, leading to prolonged and consistent scalp exposure.

! IMPORTANT: RU 58841 is an experimental drug that has not received regulatory approval for medical use. Its safety and efficacy in treating hair loss have not been established conclusively, and there may be potential risks associated with its use. Therefore individuals considering the use of RU 58841 should exercise caution and seek professional medical advice before initiating any treatment. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional is crucial to assess individual health conditions, potential interactions with other medications, and to make informed decisions regarding the use of investigational agents like RU 58841.

By purchasing this product, you explicitly acknowledge your awareness of the potential risks associated with its use, and confirm you are over 18 years of age.


  • Volume: 250 mL
  • Appearance and Form: Colourless liquid
  • Ingredients: Ethanol, 1,3-propandiol, butylene glycol, propylene glycol
  • Density at 25 degC: 0.89 g/mL

How to Make Your Own 5% RU58841 Solution:

  • Note: 5 g of RU 58841 will make ~100 mL of a 5% w/v solution (see below)
  • Equipment: 150 mL glass or plastic screw-cap bottle (optional: magnetic stirrer and magnetic stirrer bar).
  • Ingredients: 1 x 5 g bottle of RU58841, 1 x 250 mL bottle of PropDiol Blend. 
  • For a [5 wt% ] solution: add 5 g of RU58841 to 95 g of PropDiol Blend solution. Shake or stir until fully dissolved (apply gentle heat as required). Total volume will be approximately 107 mL. 
  • For a [5% w/v] solution: add 5 g of RU58841 to 100 mL (89 g) of PropDiol Blend solution.  Shake or stir until fully dissolved (apply gentle heat as required). Total volume will be approximately 100 mL.