Minoxidil For Men and Women

"Women love a self-confident bald man" - Larry David.

Be that as it may, for the rest of us that don't have the swagger of Larry David, we'd like to keep our hair. For good.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a topical product that is applied to the scalp. It was approved by the FDA over 20 years ago to treat hair loss and help regrow hair in men and women. Curiously, it was first introduced as an oral medication in the 1970's to treat hypertension; excessive hair growth was a common side effect. This observation led to the development and mainstream use of minoxidil as a topical treatment for androgenetic alopecia (also known as male pattern baldness in men, and female pattern hair loss in women).

Numerous scientific studies have proven that minoxidil is safe, and produces real measurable results, especially when taken long term. It is the only treatment approved for hair loss in women.

In male and female balding, there is a gradual reduction in the duration of anagen (the hair growing phase) and a prolongation of the latent period of the hair cycle (the time between the shedding of hair in the resting (telogen) phase and the onset of the next anagen)

Exactly how minoxidil exerts its effect on hair regrowth still remains a mystery. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that hair growth may be stimulated by one or more pathways:

  • vasodilation of the micro circulation around the hair follicles which may stimulate hair growth (anagen phase)
  • direct stimulation of the hair follicle cells to enter into a proliferative (anagen) phase from a resting (telogen) phase
  • a shortening of the resting (telogen) phase